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Everyone is proud of their origins. Of the country that raised them. Of the traditions they have learned. Of the language they speak. PHENO FLAGS makes it possible to show this pride - with flags! Flags for every taste and nationality.

PHENO FLAGS is more than just a flag shop. We are a community of people who share their love for their country and their homeland. We believe in the power of the flag as a symbol of cohesion and emotions. We are proud to sell the best flags, and we will always do everything to offer our customers the best possible experience.

PHENO FLAGS flags are much more than just simple banners, we understand our quality flags as strong symbols of belonging, sovereignty, tolerance, community, pride, and especially as a great sign of connection.

Show your flag! We do it too - strong as a panda!


.. Argh, you little landlubbers! Are you ready for a real adventure? Then hoist the flag and join us as we make the seven seas unsafe.

The pirate flag is not only a real highlight for the next children's birthday party, but also for an exciting game afternoon in the garden.

The flag is quickly attached and ensures maximum game fun with minimal effort. PIRATES AHOI!

Order your pirate flag in our shop now.


We all long for a place where we feel comfortable and at home. A place where we are surrounded by our family and friends. A place where our roots lie. PHENO FLAGS offers you the opportunity to buy and hoist your favorite flag to be a little closer to your homeland.

What feels more like home than seeing your own national flag waving?

Home is a unique place. Let's beautify it with our personal favorite flag on the balcony or in the garden.

Buy now at a low price in the PHENO FLAGS online shop!


Our beautiful party garland is quickly attached with a few simple steps and instantly creates a festive atmosphere with its chain of flags.

Our flag garland consists of small country flags and it's absolutely fantastic! It is perfect for decoration at parties and instantly creates an extremely cool feeling. With our flag garland, you not only show your connection to your country, but also to other countries and cultures.

Our flag garlands are made of high-quality materials and will last a long time. They are a great accessory for any kind of events and are also perfect as a gift.

That quickly gets you in the mood to continue decorating merrily - check out our motif flags and handheld flags for that.

We bet your guests will love it!

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Like everyone, you probably look at your homeland with pride. You like the usual traditions and enjoy speaking your native language with friends. In our online store, there are many flags to buy. At events like sports, decorations, or public appearances, you can express your connection to your homeland. At PHENO FLAGS, you can buy flags that suit your taste and nationality.

PHENO FLAGS sees itself as a community of particular people. We share the enthusiasm for our country and our homeland. With us, there is a firm belief in the power of the flag. It serves as a symbol of cohesion and feelings. In our shop, there are only high-quality flags to buy. Our competent and friendly team will support you comprehensively so you can buy the ideal flags.

In the PHENO FLAGS online store, there is more than just flags and banners to buy. Our quality flags set strong signals for affiliation, sovereignty, tolerance, community, and pride. Especially the connection and solidarity should be mentioned here. Show your flag! We do the same in a 'panda strong' way!

Flag Online Store with a vast selection

With us, you can buy flags that offer enormous quality. With them, buildings and gardens can be decorated very easily. Perhaps you want to use them as fan and decoration items? In our wide product portfolio, everyone is sure to find suitable flags and banners. From our range, you can buy flags that have great material and manufacturing quality. We only sell flags with clear colors and strong contours. In addition, they are extremely robust, tear-resistant, weatherproof, and easy to care for. At PHENO FLAGS, you can buy, among other things, these flags:

European Flags

From our experience, we know that the European flag is very popular for decoration or as a fan article. We carry it in different sizes and formats. Benefit from the side-mounted metal eyelets to be able to hoist it quickly and easily. In the shop, you can buy many European flags that offer top quality. Our range includes the flags of all European countries in the original version.

Flags of the World

In the shop, you can buy almost all national flags. Of course, in excellent material and processing quality. The strong colors do not fade even after many washes and frequent use. The color combinations and coats of arms are designed in detail and true to the original. For sporting events, trade fairs, or other occasions, almost all national flags of the world can be ordered online very easily.

Flags of the States

With us, you can buy flags from all 16 federal states. For many different occasions, the garden, terrace, or balcony can be decorated with them. All items from PHENO FLAGS follow the size, color, and coat of arms of currently valid guidelines and specifications. We only sell flags that are tear-resistant, durable, robust, and easy to care for. They are also water-repellent and lightfast. There are different versions of flags to buy in our shop. The individual federal states can be depicted with or without a coat of arms.

Other Flags and Banners

Get informed at PHENO FLAGS not only about national and state flags but also about other flags and banners. In excellent fabric and color quality, we can offer flags for every occasion. How about a pirate flag or a rainbow flag?

Perfect for Children - Our Flag Shop

The next children's birthday party is coming up. The little one wants to celebrate at your home and offer his mini-guests a real adventure. Out with the landlubbers into the garden and conquer the seven seas. For this, you can buy a flag from us, which you simply can't do without as a pirate. Attach the flag quickly in a suitable place, hoist it, and off into the great adventure. Now it's: "Pirates ahoy". A real highlight that the kids won't forget quickly.

Order flags from our wide range

Buying flags from our shop also means buying fabric quality. In addition, our products are translucent and flutter even in light wind. Wash them at low temperatures in the machine and marvel at the stable color fastness. The sewn side edge avoids unsightly fraying. Furthermore, several brass eyelets are attached to the left side of every flag or banner. This way, you can hoist your favorite flags and banners quickly and easily.

Do you want to buy a specific flag? Is it more sensible to buy several flags? In the PHENO FLAGS shop, you will find all possible models of flags and banners. For example, you can buy these flags:

  • National Flags
  • Country Flags
  • European Flags
  • State Flags
  • Germany Flag

It doesn't matter whether the flags are hoisted daily, serve as decoration or as fan articles. All our items are robust and durable. In the production, we adhere precisely to the specifications regarding dimensions, colors, and coats of arms. Buying flags from PHENO FLAGS means benefiting from first-class quality, unbeatable prices, and timely delivery.

Don't wait any longer to buy flags and banners from us. If you have questions about us or any of our products, feel free to contact us using the contact form. Be bear strong and show your flag! Contact us!