Gay Flag as a Declaration of Queerness

As a homosexual, you may want to participate in street festivals like the Love Parade, parties, or LGBT celebrations with a Gay Flag. By waving a Gay Flag or Pride Flag, you declare your orientation and proudly stand for your sexual identity. The Gay Flag consists of seven stripes representing community, healing, joy, strength, gender nonconformity, love, and diversity.

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Buy Pride Flags - There Are Many

The most well-known flag of the LGBTQ movement is the rainbow flag with its recognizable symbol. Within the community, there are many different identities that wish to be represented by gay flags or other flags. No one wants to feel excluded, but unfortunately, this has happened throughout history. Over the years, the LGBTQ community has created specific symbols to demonstrate unity and express shared values, identity, and loyalty to one another.

In 1978, Gilbert Baker created the "Rainbow Flag," which should not be confused with the gay flag. The flag with eight colors represented the pride of the gay and lesbian community, with each color representing a specific concept:

pink = sexuality 

red = life 

orange = healing 

yellow = sunlight 

green = nature 

turquoise = art 

indigo = harmony 

violet = spirit

Due to certain circumstances, the flag with eight colors was later simplified into the current six-color "Rainbow Flag." When you see a flag with an additional black stripe, it represents mourning and is a tribute to those affected by HIV or those who have passed away. This practice is particularly common in the United States.

The History of the Gay Flag

For many centuries, people in Germany were unable to freely express their homosexuality as it was considered a crime. Even in the 1920s, when tolerance towards same-sex relationships existed in German cities, it was still considered illegal. During the Nazi regime, many homosexuals were sent to concentration camps. It was only in 1969 that homosexuality was decriminalized in Germany, and it took until 2017 for same-sex couples to be allowed to marry. From then on, the gay flag could be proudly waved.

In 1961, someone designed a rainbow flag with seven colors and the word "Peace." It was meant to be a symbol of peace and originated in Italy. Activist Aldo Capitini is said to have brought the idea for the flag from England. The flag quickly spread across Europe as a symbol of anti-war sentiment.

In the 1970s, the rainbow flag became a symbol specifically for lesbians and gay men. Over time, more specialized flags were developed, including the gay flag. There are three distinguishing features between the LGBTQ flag and the peace flag:

  • The peace flag has seven colors, while the original pride flag had eight colors, but now has six.
  • The blue tones are at the top of the peace flag, while they are at the bottom of the LGBTQ flag.
  • The pride flag or gay flag does not have any text.

One significant event in history is known as the "Stonewall Riots." Between June 28 and July 3, 1969, violent clashes occurred between LGBT individuals and the police in New York City. On the 25th anniversary in 1994, Gilbert Baker created the world's largest rainbow flag in New York. Two years later, it was raised for the first time on a public building. It is now also hoisted on town halls in Berlin during the Christopher Street Day and the Lesbian and Gay City Festival. In early 2015, the flag was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Buy Pride Flags for More Tolerance

Fortunately, nowadays, everyone is allowed to openly express their sexual orientation. To combat the last remnants of prejudice in society, consider ordering a gay flag from PHENO FLAGS, for example. With this homosexual flag, you can make a clear statement and hopefully gain more social acceptance.

You don't need to limit displaying your seven-colored pride flag to LGBTQ events. Use it to attract attention at international events, public festivals, company celebrations, or fun garden parties. Display your gay flag with confidence as a symbol of social acceptance, tolerance, and openness.

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