Gender Flags for Equal Treatment of People

Gendering is increasingly being integrated into our everyday language. Additionally, many individuals express their stance through gender flags. They are becoming more conscious of their expressions and choice of words. Language influences thinking, and vice versa. Gendering in general or hanging gender flags represents the equal treatment and equal worth of different genders.

The term "gender," originating from English usage, refers to social gender. It is associated with certain notions based on family background and society. The entire subject is supported by the colors on gender flags. For example, pink represents lesbian or feminine identity, while blue represents male identity.

Gender flags make clear statements. By displaying them at demonstrations, for instance, you are clearly showing your support for equal treatment and equal worth. However, you can also hang gender flags on your property or in your window. In doing so, you are effectively conveying your message to others.

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Gender Flags for More Respect

At PHENO FLAGS, you can find gender flags in various colors, allowing for different interpretations. All flags share the same language, so to speak, and represent respect towards sexuality and asexuality. By hanging gender flags, you can express your stance and encourage open discussions. In our online shop, we offer the following flags, among others:

Asexual Flags

The four different colors symbolize different aspects of asexuality. The top black stripe represents asexuality, followed by gray representing demisexuality or gray-asexuality. The white stripe represents sexuality, and the violet stripe represents the desire for community. The recognition and discussion of asexual identities emerged in the late 1990s, and it is also a gender-related topic.

Gay Flags

These gender flags, with seven stripes, are a way for gay men to express their identity. The upper part features three shades of green, gradually getting darker. In the middle, there is a white section, and the lower part consists of darkening shades of blue.

Lesbian Flag

Similar to the gay flag, the lesbian flag is designed with different color tones. The upper part features shades of orange, the lower part features shades of pink, and there is a white stripe in the middle.

Progress Flag

Designed in 2017 by Daniel Quasar, this flag is inspired by the colors of the rainbow flag. It features a triangle on the left side, representing transgender individuals and the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community.

Pansexual Flag

These gender flags consist of three colors. The top third displays a pink stripe representing the female gender, the bottom part features a blue stripe representing the male gender, and the yellow color in between represents all other individuals.

The History of Gender Flags

Undoubtedly, the most well-known gender flag is the rainbow flag, originally designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker with eight colors, but now consisting of six colors.

In the mid-1980s, during the AIDS pandemic, a black stripe was added to the rainbow flag as a symbol of mourning for those who had passed away.

In 2017, the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs designed a new gender flag. It added black and brown stripes to the existing six rainbow colors, representing Black and People of Color in the community.

In 2018, designer Daniel Quasar added a triangle to the rainbow flag. This gender flag incorporates the colors of the rainbow flag, including the colors of the transgender flag (white, pink, and light blue). Additionally, it includes black and brown stripes.

Another variation of the gender flag emerged at the "Love Fest" festival in Sao Paulo in 2018. The original rainbow flag, consisting of six colors, was extended with a white stripe in the middle to represent diversity in religion, gender, origin, sexual orientation, peace, and community.

Gender Flags and More

At PHENO FLAGS, our shop offers not only gender flags but also a wide range of other flags, including national flags, state flags, themed flags, and prayer flags. All our products, including gender flags, are made of high-quality fabric that allows the vibrant colors to stand out. They are designed to catch the attention of passersby in front of your house.

Our gender flags are machine-washable, allowing you to easily remove any signs of wear at low temperatures. After cleaning, they will look as good as new. The flags are double-stitched to prevent unsightly fraying at the edges. With the brass grommets, you can effortlessly attach and hoist the gender flags on a pole. We want everyone to see and hopefully understand your language. It would be desirable!

PHENO FLAGS stands for quality and durability. We are also committed to the environment and sustainability. As evident from our wide product range, we offer recycled flags as well. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our customers rather than focusing on quick one-time purchases. We aim to be the shop you return to whenever you need flags.

If you have any inquiries or questions about our products, simply contact us. We will promptly address your concerns. Show your colors! That's pandastic!