Flag Accessories - Interchangeable Yet Important

PHENO FLAGS offers an extensive range of flags and banners, but our flag accessories are also worth mentioning. Our product range includes country flags, state flags, themed flags, recycle flags, and prayer flags. The flag accessories category contains numerous useful tools. Having flag accessories on hand is highly advantageous in case of damage, allowing for quick repairs. Most flags are flown on flagpoles located outdoors, where they are exposed to various weather conditions and susceptible to damage.

With flag accessories from PHENO FLAGS, you are prepared for any surprises and contingencies. The appropriate flag mount plays a crucial role. You can order a suitable mount from our flag accessories for each flagpole. These mounts can be freestanding or fixed anchor points.

Are you planning a long-awaited celebration and want to hoist a corresponding flag? Unfortunately, you just noticed that the flagpole is damaged, and you cannot fly your beautiful flag. Luckily, you have stocked up on flag accessories from PHENO FLAGS, allowing you to fix the problem within 5 minutes. Only the rope needs to be replaced. The following groups of people should regularly check our flag accessories shop:

  • Industrial companies
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Local authorities

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Flags and Accessories: Buy Only from the Professionals

PHENO FLAGS always has a vast range of different products in stock. As an additional service, we offer prompt processing and fast shipping. We aim to be your reliable and knowledgeable partner when it comes to flag accessories or other items from our extensive product range. In the flag accessories category, we can offer the following products for flagpoles:

Mounting Bracket

A flagpole requires a secure mount. Since there are many different places to install it, you need to choose the appropriate bracket from our flag accessories. This could be a ground mount, wall mount, or roof mount. You may also need tilting brackets and ground sleeves as flag accessories.


An essential flag accessory that ensures the flag hangs properly even in calm weather.


You can't hoist a flag without a rope. Wear and tear are inevitable, so it's frustrating when you realize it's no longer usable. Order replacement ropes from the flag accessories category in our shop well in advance.

Rotating Mount

Essential for flagpoles with a rotating outrigger. It allows the outrigger to move in the ideal direction with the wind. It's simply mounted between the flagpole and the outrigger.

Cleat and Clamp

These two small flag accessories are incredibly important. You can't hoist your flag if they fail to function properly.

Flagpole Truck

Also known as a flagpole cap or pulley. Mounted on the flagpole, it guides the rope, making it effortless to hoist your flag.

Lock and Cover

A very important flag accessory! According to recent statistics, every second flag is stolen. Protect your flag effectively.

Small Parts

As with any mechanical device, everything must fit together. Small parts and flag accessories ensure smooth operation. Visit PHENO FLAGS' flag accessories shop and order replacement parts or other items. How about flag lighting or a new hand crank?

Flag Weights and Carabiner Hooks as Flag Accessories

To maintain tension on a flag, a special flag weight holds it in place on the pole. Typically, the weights range from 450 to 800 grams. A flag weight of 450 grams as a flag accessory is sufficient for most flags. This weight prevents the lower end of the flag from gathering when it's windy or stormy.

Keep in mind that the higher the mast, the more wind your flag is exposed to. Even indoors, your flag may gather along the rope, so attaching a flag weight is useful. At PHENO FLAGS, you can buy flag weights as flag accessories made of a sturdy, filled weight bag. They are equipped with weather-resistant and secure fastenings. The subtle design and gray color are hardly noticeable to observers. Here are the advantages:

Robust construction: The weight bag is filled with steel pellets. Tear-resistant and weather-resistant materials make it the ideal flag accessory for your outdoor flagpole.

Flexible use: The flag weight is suitable for any flag. It is small and durable.

Wind-stable: The weight can be used for any flagpole. Optimal flag accessory, especially for large flags to be hoisted.

Another essential flag accessory is plastic carabiner hooks. We offer them in a convenient set of 10. They can be easily attached to the metal eyelets of flags. The UV-resistant hook does not require complicated sewing. This indispensable flag accessory is suitable for flags, banners, and flags on flagpoles, both indoors and outdoors.

Flag Accessories Shop - Reliable and Knowledgeable

In addition to our wide range of flags and banners, PHENO FLAGS also offers flag accessories. This category should not be underestimated. Flagpoles, mechanisms for hoisting, or other parts are subject to natural wear and tear. You may need to carry out repairs at short notice. In that case, it's good to have ordered flag accessories from our online shop in advance.

PHENO FLAGS stands for environmental protection and sustainability. That's why we have added a panda bear to our logo. Our range also includes recycled flags. Granules are obtained from typical PET bottles through several manufacturing processes. These granules are then processed into polyester. In terms of quality, it is on par with new polyester. We use this material to make our flags and banners.

If you have any questions about us or any of our products, such as flag accessories, feel free to contact us via the contact form. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Together, we are panda strong!