Buying a Baden Flag and Its Versatile Uses

You can buy a Baden flag, which also features the traditional coat of arms of Baden. The Baden flag is perfect for decoration at political gatherings or election events. By displaying it, you are clearly expressing your affiliation with the region. In the PHENO FLAGS shop, you can find a Baden flag that can be hung on a flagpole. This Baden flag measures 90 x 150 centimeters and proudly waves in the wind. Buying a Baden flag is a great choice for sports events or other social occasions.

We provide two integrated and sturdy brass eyelets for attaching the flag to a flagpole and hoisting it. At PHENO FLAGS, you can only buy resilient and weather-resistant Baden flags, made from durable and light-resistant materials. To prevent unsightly fraying, the edge is double-stitched. If you want to buy a washable Baden flag, there's no problem, as it can be easily cleaned in your washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

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Purchase the Baden Flag and Its Colors

According to heraldry (the study of coats of arms), the colors yellow and red of the Baden flag are derived from several noble houses. Members of the noble House of Baden ruled the Margraviate of Baden and its divisions from 1280 to 1480, as well as the Electorate and Grand Duchy of Baden. Therefore, the origin of the color scheme, or heraldic colors, can be traced back to the House of Baden. In heraldry, the following color transformations exist:

White becomes the metal silver. Yellow becomes the metal gold. The House of Baden uses red and gold.

The Battle of Sempach from 1386 is depicted in 1638. Not only is the coat of arms with the red horizontal bar on a golden field visible, but representations from the Middle Ages and the early modern period indicate that margravial-Baden flags existed even before the establishment of the Grand Duchy. The colors of Baden are derived from the colors of the House of Zähringen, the former ruling house of Baden and the well-known house of the Margraves of Baden. The Zähringen coat of arms featured an ornate red eagle on gold. On the other hand, the Margraves of Baden had a coat of arms with an elegant golden shield featuring a red diagonal bar on gold.

After the war, the Baden flag was available for purchase again.

After World War I, the monarchy was abolished, and the Republic of Baden was established. With the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) in 1933 in Germany, some German states were no longer allowed to use their symbols. Between 1933 and 1935, all flags had to contain a swastika. Anything else was considered outdated, obsolete, and sometimes seen as resistance. The traces of the past were to be eradicated, and there were no Baden flags available for purchase. The following laws were enacted:

March 31, 1933: Provisional Law for the Coordinated Alignment of the States with the Reich April 7, 1933: Second Law for the Coordinated Alignment of the States with the Reich January 30, 1934: Law for the Reconstruction of the Reich September 1935: Reich Flag Law - mandatory use of a service flag for all Reich offices and authorities

With the establishment of the NSDAP districts, the states were rendered completely ineffective. Flags with the swastika as a service flag flew at all Reich offices and authorities. One could not purchase a Baden flag.

After World War II, the southern half of Baden became part of the French occupation zone. In 1949, the state of Baden was established as part of the Federal Republic of Germany. It used a yellow-red-yellow flag as a symbol, which could be purchased as the Baden flag. In 1952, Baden became part of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It was still possible to purchase the Baden flag, but it lost its official character.

Nowadays, many people want to purchase the Baden flag because the colors are often part of the emblems of Baden associations. Baden sports federations like the Baden Gymnastics Association or the Baden Football Association have numerous members. If your local club is organizing a festival, you should purchase a Baden flag for decoration. Perhaps you have already celebrated with it during games of Karlsruher SC or SC Freiburg? You can also purchase a Baden flag to let it fly at your house or in your garden, showing your regional connection.

Definitely purchase the Baden flag

In 2018, the 170th anniversary of the Baden Revolution of 1848/49 was commemorated at the Baden State Museum. An exhibition was organized for this purpose. The organizers did not need to purchase a Baden flag because a red flag was raised on the castle tower. A citizen from Karlsruhe protested against this with the state authorities in Stuttgart. A closer examination revealed that the administrative regulations of the state ministry must be enforced. According to this, government buildings may only display the state, national, or European flag. Therefore, it was not worth purchasing a Baden flag as both the aforementioned red flag and the Baden flag had to be taken down. Instead, the black and yellow state flag of Baden-Württemberg was hoisted. This incident caused a great stir. Outraged citizens protested and submitted petitions.

Nevertheless, you can purchase your desired Baden flag at PHENO FLAGS. The standard size of 90 x 150 centimeters costs less than ten euros. We do not charge shipping costs. If you want to purchase Baden flags and place your order before 1 p.m., we will dispatch it on the same day. If you are not satisfied with the flag or if it is not what you expected, you can make use of our comprehensive return policy. You should purchase a Baden flag that you truly like.

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